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The group coaching format allows for live exchange on career and professional development that's collectively curated and individually relevant. Every session is tailored to the participants' needs and provides immediate applicable knowledge.

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We're at the beginning of our journey and proud to share some of the comments of our first customers...

Melita, USA

"I love the intimate and transparent conversations we’re able to have in our Virtual Peer group. We get to share how we have been impacted whether it's negative or positive in a safe space.

May does a tremendous job bringing the anchor of calmness and peace through her facilitation. Virtual Peer offers more than professional networking. To me it's about authentic connection through the art of genuine conversations."

Francisco, Brazil

"I stumbled upon Virtual Peer and I really liked the premise and what it could offer - and I was not disappointed.

I really loved it because I think working remotely ... it's good to have a community where you can meet people that face challenges like you on an everyday basis and you have a good place to be able to share that."

Jane, UK

"With Virtual Peer we meet to support one another with our business challenges. It's been great to learn from the feedback I’ve received on the issues I presented as well as being able to help others with theirs.

May, the host of Virtual Peer, is very experienced in spotting ways to develop people and the exercise we did recently made such a big difference to the way I deliver content and value to members of my own community. Thank you May!”

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